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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Today when I went by the library I passed one of the older houses we'd almost bought here in town some months ago. When it was first on the market, an elderly lady had it and DH knows her family, so they offered it to us for about the same price we're about to pay for the house/property out of town. We hesitated, mostly because it has a basement and the washer/dryer is downstairs. The stairwell is steep, and the elderly lady had fallen on it, that's why she had to sell. At any rate, my sister had just moved from a house because she developed knee problems and their house had no bathroom on the main floor (a split level) and the washer/dryer were in the basement, with steep stairs. She'd warned me not to buy a place unless there is a bathroom/utility area on the level main floor.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the elderly lady sold that house to her brother -- who had a crew go in and strip up the old carpet, clean the hardwood floors (not refinish them) and put in new countertops and appliances. Then he jacked the price up $20,000.00!!! He didn't sell it though, and instead, rented it. Today I saw that the house is empty again, and he has a sign saying "For Rent Or For Sale -- Possible Owner Financing." Hmm. I just wonder if he'd be more reasonable in price now, but I doubt it. And, of course, there's still the problem with the stairs...and the way the house is built, it would be nearly impossible to add on to the main level. Oh yeah, and it doesn't have central heat/air either. Besides, it is only about three blocks from where we live now, and wouldn't be that much better, so far as the Mexican problem is concerned.

Last night the owner of the house/property called, and said they were all set for a Saturday morning closing, if it's okay with us. DH will talk to the lawyer today, and see if we can set a time. So it won't be long now, and once the paperwork is finished, we can start working on the house, etc. DH is off next Monday, then the following week is his vacation....and we'll have plenty to keep us busy!

The weather has been great here, mild and sunny, though we could use some rain. Everyone's sinuses are acting up and a good rain would help clear the air. I went on my bike ride this morning, and it was quiet in the park, had it all to myself. That usually only happens when all the kids are in school.

Yesterday I went by the Salvation Army store and found several odds and ends for the other house -- mostly decorative "country cottage" stuff. I looked at a lot of country cottage interior decorating tips/pictures online and think this is the style I'll try to develop inside the old farmhouse. Whew, lots of work ahead though.

One thing I do plan when we get moved: I am going to buy a good telescope! I have always wanted to use a telescope, but living in the city, the light distraction/distortion would pretty much ruin the night sky viewing. Living out in the country though, and particularly at that house/land, will give me an opportunity to do some REAL star gazing!

And that's a wrap for today.

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