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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Just a brief post, since I'm heading to the old house shortly. I spent yesterday afternoon finishing up the sanding of woodwork, and don't really have much more to do until the central heat/air is installed (hopefully next week).

DH accomplished a lot yesterday, and is now doing clean-up around the barns and outbuildings from his recent construction repairs (tin roofs on the barns, etc.). He also bought a tractor yesterday, with a bush-hog. That will allow him to keep the pasture in good shape -- and he got a bargain, bought it from the previous owners of the house/land.

Today we are going to drop by Lowe's or Marvin's, and buy some Thompson water sealer to spray the new wood he's used in the barn, etc. Plus, look at windows and paint again, possibly go to another window/door outlet store to browse. Then back to put the sealer on the wood, which should be the end of our work this weekend.

I posted several new photos of the stray cats here, as well as some beautiful pictures of my backyard here in town during an extraordinary sunset the other evening. You can find those by clicking on the Southern Photos link to the right, and looking under the Stray Cat folder as well as the Scenic Views folder. I would put a link, but I'm in a rush.

Gotta run!

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