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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Just a few lines today. Later DH and I are taking a well-deserved break, and going on our Sunday afternoon ride.

Yesterday I spent most of the day sanding woodwork in the old house. I completed the den/dining room, one small bedroom and the hallway. That is quite a task, and the Palm sander I bought really does a good job; I'm not sanding down to the wood, only roughing up the surface so I can paint over the past oil-based white paint. The sander removes imperfections, and takes off enough paint that a new coat should adhere well. I'll try to finish the remainder of the rooms next Saturday -- but the kitchen will have to wait, because I will have to remove all the cabinet doors, etc. to do that right. If nothing else, that kind of hard labor is very good exercise -- the vibration from that sander is like using one of those vibrating exercise machines...except you are actually accomplishing something!

I also cleaned the bathroom/kitchen, making sure I removed all perishables from the fridge and cabinets. DH is there this morning, talking with the electrician, since we decided to add a couple of electrical outlets. He'll be back shortly though.

DH also put a new roof on the smaller building/stable out in the pasture, so now both barns can be used for the horses and hay. Hopefully next spring he'll be able to build a larger barn further away from the house, and use these as storage and/or saddles, tack shops only, not for horses.

The horses are in hog heaven! The grass in this pasture is thick, stays green all year, and they are eating like pigs...hardly lift their heads up if you call them! So at least they are happy.

Next week I have to do some serious research and planning for renting one or the other of our houses. I did some research a few months ago, and have collected a good bit of information, but need to do more. I remember the best advice given by landlords: Treat your rental property just like a business. That means drawing up a lease, getting and verifying references from potential renters, and securing a good-size deposit to do any repairs after the renters move. I am never going to have to paint/clean after renters; instead, if the place isn't in excellent shape when they leave, I'll take the deposit and HIRE someone to paint and/or clean before the next renters. Additionally, a lease will prevent people moving in and out constantly; I think at least a 6 month lease would be my first choice. At any rate, I have to do some legal research, prepare some forms, etc. so I'll be ready when the time comes to rent out one of the houses.

Also, I have some new photos of the work-in-progress on the old house, and will try to post those at a new photo album site the first part of next week. I will have time then to find another website with more storage for photos. We have found several old, old artifacts from previous owners -- in the cellar we found an old glass bottle, very thick, with the words: "Herbal juice" on it; a small ceramic cat; and near the creek, a glass part from an old transformer. I plan to photograph all these, post online, and eventually, display them in the house on the fireplace mantle.

Gotta go for now!

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