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Saturday, October 04, 2003

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! That is an understatement too. Because in just 24 hours things have changed drastically for DH and I. Or, at least, life will soon be verrrrry different.


Because last night the seller of that 100-year-old house and 5 beautiful acres (all in pasture) called and said that the buyers who'd planned to buy the place (and beat us to it only by hours!) couldn't get financing and we were next in line! Of course I was sooooo excited I could hardly sit still, and this morning at 8:00 we met the seller at the place, looked it over more thoroughly and then put a deposit on it. IF everything goes smoothly, and we can find a lawyer in time, we should be able to get the closing done within less than two weeks! We decided to pay cash, which will make for less costs in closing, and also because we can afford it, and still have some savings left. We have a great deal more in savings than what will be left in the money market from this purchase, but most of it is tied up in IRAs and Life Insurance payout, etc. We won't be able to do extensive renovation before moving in, but in time we will...either by selling our house in the city or just renting it out. And I'm inclined to rent it, since that will be a steady income for the future.

We do have enough money though to do some necessary repairs, a few updating tasks, and lots and lots of painting! But I am looking forward to that, since I LOVE restoring older houses. This one still has the original wide plank floorboards, hardwood floors (carpet over it, but we may take that up), old interior doors, but the bathroom and kitchen have been updated somewhat. Work, work, work in the future...but I am not complaining!!! :-)

The location is so ideal I keep thinking I have to pinch myself to know this is real, not a dream. It is ONLY four miles from the town where we live now, and only ONE mile from the next smaller town -- which has a minor strip-mall with all the same grocery store chains, department stores where I shop here now. It will be like living the country but with all the conveniences of the city. And the land is absolutely beautiful, bordered on one side by a slow-running creek where the horses can get water. There's also an older, but good barn; an old well (even an old outhouse which is overgrown!), several outbuildings, a garage and a big yard, no neighbors close to us. There is a nice modern brick house across the highway, but on either side of the place, it's at least a couple miles to the nearest neighbors (one of whom happens to be a local judge). I hope to get some pictures soon, and will post those in my album when I do.

It will be difficult, emotionally, to move from this house in town...only in that we've lived here over 20 years and I have a sentimental attachment to the place. That is one reason I would prefer to rent it out, so we will still own it and could return here someday if the property/house we're buying gets to be more than we can handle as we age. But for now, I think it is going to be a GOOD change...and I am going to keep a positive state of mind (not easy for a pessimistic person like myself to do).

Soooooo this is a long-awaited celebration -- we've been looking for such a place for over a year, and believe me, this one is the very BEST we've found. I know that in a few years, we can probably double out investment in the place...the way property values are soaring in our area.

We will have to build an addition for the cats, probably a combination sunroom/screen porch, and will probably put it over the cellar entryway. Yes, it has a genuine cellar/half-basement that is now dirt. But we will eventually put cement blocks and concrete there, so we can use the space -- and perhaps let the cats in there during the summer when it will stay cool. Oh, and maybe I can create a 'wine cellar' too!

I'm not sure what I'll do about the strays I feed, but perhaps I will take the gray tabby female to the vet, get her a rabies shot and carry her with us. I don't know if the male Russian blue is well enough for that; he's been ailing lately, and he won't let me get my hands on him anyhow. Possibly we can rent this house to someone who loves cats (and I'd let them have cats indoors too), and they will feed the strays. If not, the strays will move on to other neighbors who feed; I know of at least two other women who feed strays on this block.

I must close. But for now, I'm HAPPY!!! :-)

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