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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Just a brief post today to say the house/property is all ours! Entirely. No debt, so it's not going to be lost...EVER! We've seen so many foreclosures during these hard economic times that I just couldn't see financing this place. We had the cash, and enough left to start updating the old house...though it's gonna take TIME. At any rate, we are now the owners of this house/lot in town AND the house/acreage out in the country.

As I suspected, the closing was not complicated and didn't take too long yesterday morning. We DID meet the owners of the place, who'd been out-of-town most of the time (husband working in Memphis & son-in-law handling the sell). They are VERY nice people, and I could see the woman really hated to let the house go. But they won't return to this area for at least a couple more years, and she said that without supervision, the renters were ruining the lovely old place. Amen! Anyhow, we talked to them at length about the place, and the man does contracting/building with the government, so the improvements he'd made (to plumbing/wiring/structure) are all valuable. We DO, however, have a massive amount of sheer elbow grease to do in order to get the house in decent shape...inside and out.

DH is absolutely THRILLED. He really likes the property, and has already left for there this morning to do some outside work. He's also making swift preparations to move his horses there within a week. I will go in a short while, since I want to do some basic cleaning in the kitchen/bath, so we can use those when the electricity is turned on tomorrow.

Emotionally, this is going to take me TIME to adjust to. Thank goodness I don't have to move right now, for I'm just not ready. I am hoping it'll be a transition over several months, so that by the time the place is ready, I'll be emotionally prepared. Time will tell, I suppose.

Regrets? Not at this point. At least DH is doing stuff that will pay off for US, and not the guy/partner he was doing stuff for where the horses are/have been for a few years. And that, you see, was the MAIN objective in my search for a house/property. Plus, we can afford to maintain both case I NEVER want to move there.

I DID go on my bike ride earlier, but my sinuses are still giving me fits and making me feel rather poorly.

Gotta run, lots to do today.

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