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Monday, January 14, 2008

In Love....

No, not with a man. Not even with writing (though I always will be to some extent). I'm in love with ELECTRONICS!

I probably should be buying new window treatments, getting my outdoor crumbling storage building replaced and a million other things. What am I doing? Enjoying my new computer, the great digital speakers nephew gave me for Christmas and anticipating the arrival of a new tiny laptop Wednesday.

I sold/exchanged my larger laptop with my sister for a TV/DVD player in my bedroom over Christmas. I never used it, because it was too heavy to lug around.

I found this NEW innovative laptop too promising to resist:

Asus Eee

Look at the link if you're interested in new technology. I can't wait for it to arrive: Not only will it be great for almost all my laptop needs, but word processing. And so small it can fit in my purse! Wow!

I did write several stories for the newspaper. And I got a great job offer, but unfortunately it's with the county -- and if I work for the county, it cuts into the pension. Bummer.

I'm doing okay, in spite of this being close to the dreaded two-year anniversary of DH's death.

Thursday night I will meet with the other two ladies from local animal welfare, and see what they have in mind for me as a volunteer. Should be interesting.

This weekend I interviewed one of DH's friends, for a profile section in the newspaper. This is the first time I dared approach seeing DH's horses: the guy has two of them. I was pleasantly surprised.

Buttercup, DH's longtime riding horse, seemed to instinctively KNOW me! She walked up to me, not nudging for treats, just looking at me (sadly I thought). It was as if she was asking, "Where's J?"

I thought I was okay with it, until later that night when I had another crying fit. And that's why I haven't been to visit DH's horses, though I know where they all are. Maybe next spring. At least I know Buttercup is in great condition, and being well taken care of.

Guess who got a new sweater?

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