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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Amazing good news

First, all the plugs/light switches in my house have been replaced. The ones near my kitchen sink/bathroom sink now have an electronic detector so that IF an electrical appliance falls into the water accidently, I won't be fried. Ah, electronics!

Additionally, I have a new light fixture in the bathroom, replacing the old, dangerous and weak lighting.

But here's the amazing news: the electric company I hired also does central heat/air repairs and I asked them for a second opinion about my ailing heating unit. Guess what? For only $550 they can order a part, get it fixed. AND guarantee it, stand behind the work/part.

Today's total was $450 and trust me, if I can get the electrical work I had done today, as well as my heating unit running again for around $1,000 I am going to be a happy camper. Truly.

Hopefully the part may be here tomorrow, since one of the workers is going to Huntsville today to pick it up. That means I'll have a working central heat unit by the weekend, and can use these other heaters for spot heating only.

I think this experience is the difference between hiring a "jack-of-all-trades" guy instead of professionals. The first guy I hired to look at my central heating unit did several kinds of work, in addition to electrical work. He wasn't willing to "guarantee" replacing the part on the unit, which meant I'd just be out the money if it didn't work. The jury is still out, until the unit is working again -- but it's less than 10 years old, and should NOT have to be replaced so soon.

Now I'll probably be inspired to set off on a spending spree of getting everything around here updated that I'd put off while working. The list includes:

A new storage shed outside, and having an old metal one torn down and taken away.

A larger corner desk unit for my new computer. I priced one at Big Lots the other day, but it would have to be assembled at home. I may hire one of my nephews to do that, as well as change/rearrange some of my furniture for me.

Plantation shutters from Lowe's, installed throughout the house. Or at least in the living room/bedroom first. I'd love to have these in every window, easy cleaning, never have to be replaced. Expensive initially, but long-lasting and no need for curtains...EVER.

A backdoor from my den into the backyard. With either a small porch or patio. I have no backdoor going directly into the backtyard, just the one that goes onto the carport. It would be so nice to get out into the backyard easier, since I have to walk around the house to get to the large backyard. And it would also be nice to have a doggie door leading directly out that way, instead of across the carpot. My long-range plans here, when the cats are all gone, is to reclaim my carport for a car, and have a doggie door to the backyard via a patio.

Maybe a new car, (and IF I get one, definitely needs to be in a carport) but I'm going to take a good long time in looking/deciding on that. No real trouble with my car now, but if I buy a new one it should last me the rest of my life. Plus, I want a gas-saver, maybe a hybrid, even though mine now is no gas guzzler.

There's more, but those are the top priorities. We shall see in time.

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