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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Better mood

I think I freaked out my family over the no-show incident with nephew, because two brothers-in-law showed up yesterday to help with the new computer desk unit. So I'm sitting here enjoying it, and LOVE having more space. I could hardly type or use the keyboard very long on the other smaller, enclosed desk, and I'm definitely a happy camper now.

Not without a lot of hard work (on their part and mine), but at least it's progress. I had to take all the books off my bookshelf, and discarded THREE boxes of outdated reference books. I'll probably take all those to the Salvation Army store. It's scary how soon printed material becomes outdated, due to internet access. I kept only favorite writing technique books, beloved fiction and poetry. (Get rid to the clutter, heh?)

Now I'm on a quest to clean out closets/cabinets and whatever else is useless. How does so much useless STUFF collect? I suspect it multiplies while we're sleeping! LOL

I don't have as much appreciation for material objects as I once did -- especially as I age. I like USEFUL things, like the desk/computer, etc. but I detest lots of "objects." Makes life so much more simple if you live as if tomorrow you will die and someone else will have to clear up the mess you left behind. (It happens, really, every day.)

I do have valuable, treasued items that I keep in two antique trunks, but it is always amazing how much useless crap ends up stuffed here or there, and in the way. Freecycle online is great way to get rid of larger, unneeded things, like furniture you don't need but someone might use. I have listed several things in the past, had someone come to pick it up.

And that's it for today.

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