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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Funny lol-dog photo

Oh hai, I created a funni pix of my pupz.

Look at dis:

You can see more funny cat/dog pictures at:
I'm back on my regular PC, using a super heavy duty extension cord. I'll be keeping an eye on it, make sure it doesn't overheat. Can you say: addicted to the computer/internet.

Electrican coming when you call: impossible. I guess if you spot a serious electrical problem, you just have to get in line and wait till they can pencil you in. In my case, I had to call ten different electricians before finding one that would come out TOMORROW. Today would have been impossible, they said.

I could have said something snarky, like: "If you show up and my house is burned to the ground, do I still have to pay for a service call?" (sigh)

At any rate, I'm making do for now. I didn't leave the electric heaters plugged in last night, and with only one propane heater, it was COLD in this house when I got up this morning. Bummer.

We're having a long, rainy day -- at last. Hope it helps alleviate the awful drought conditions here in our area of the South.

It seems I'm back to writing again, at least blogging and emails. Since I'm between assignments, it's freed me to write what I WANT -- and I've got to say, it feels liberating!!! Maybe a short story is not faraway, and in fact, I've been writing poetry on my little Eee late at night. Good signs for me, I think.

Till later...

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