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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Freakish snow today

About noon, I took the dogs on a walk and halfway round the block, felt sleet hitting my head. I knew it was supposed to be a cold rain, but not sleet. As we walked up a long hill near woods, I could hear the sleet spitting down through trees. The dogs kept trying to shake off the wetness.

We hurried home, and not long after, it started snowing. Great big fluffy beautiful snowflakes that look as if a fog is rolling in. At first none of it was sticking but within the hour, rooftops, yards, bushes, trees were starting to be outlined by the snow. BEAUTIFUL.

I couldn't resist taking some photos of the landscape around here in the neighborhood, so I'm going to post one at the end of this. The snow had stopped by dark, nearly all melted by 9:00 -- it warmed up instead of growing colder.

Ah, but for a few hours we got to experience a "winter wonderland" we don't often see in the South.

Here's a photo of the snowy landscape:

The wooded vista beyond my almost-deadend street where woods prevail

And this is what the dogs were doing while it snowed

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