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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy...for now

Today as I was driving along the highway, I had one of those totally "in the moment" feelings: I'm happy! Free! Not dreading what next assignment, what next person I'll have to interview...just EXISTING. There is no way to describe this 'zen' moment, but I imagine it is similar to when I'm immersed in creative fiction writing: feeling blissful.

No reason in particular, except I have that burden of a 'job' lifted off me for now. No one with expectations, demands...whining or shoving or wanting me to do something for them. Sweet. (A huge clue I never want to be married again, and I'm slowly but surely adjusting to being alone the rest of my life.)

At any rate, I was on my way to look at that corner computer desk again, and decided it was indeed exactly what I need. I called my nephew later, and he and one of his friends will come tomorrow to help. First we'll go get the unit from Big Lots, then they'll put it together, move some furniture around and take away some stuff I am clearing out.

I made a vow after DH died that I would NOT start collecting "stuff" again; when I buy new things, the old have to go -- and I do mean, leave the premises. This is a good policy, because not only does it reduce useless clutter, it can help those who might need/want it, and not burden your kin when you die and leave behind a big mess to sort through. Stay organized, you never know when you'll take your last breath!

I haven't heard from the electric company yet, but hope to soon. The worst temps are tonight, near 18 degrees, and warming trend over the weekend. Not terribly important the unit is repaired tomorrow, since I'm nice and toasty now that I can use the electric heaters without worry.

That's it for today.

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