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Monday, April 30, 2007

A Walk Around the Block

Let's go on a walk around the block where I live in photos. This is where I usually walk my dogs nearly every day, except when I take them to the nearby park.

This is taking a left and heading down the street which deadends

Turning left at the deadend, this is the street that borders a vacant wooded lot

At the curve in the previous street photo, a trail leads down to a creek; several hundred acres of woods/land there is owned by a monastery/retreat

This street is steep and borders the creek

And the creek runs downhill alongside the street

And we're back to the street where I live, white car in my driveway

With the exception of the short block that connects the three sides of the block, that's pretty much where I walk the dogs. It's actually a span of two blocks, and as you can see, it's up and down hills. I think that contributed to my knee problems, but the main reason was the dogs PULLING and RUNNING. I finally taught them to WALK on the leash, not run; to HALT when I say to. And I got some very expensive walking shoes, which helped. Slowing our pace to a sauntering walk instead of a jog truly made a big difference. My knees occasionally still hurt, but usually only if I've been climbing stairs or not wearing proper shoes. At least I CAN take the dogs on walks, and it's very enjoyable for them as well as myself.

I live about a block from the wooded forest retreat land of a monastery, which means there won't be any housing developments there. This is a settled neighborhood, and living on a deadend street there is little traffic; it's very quiet here, and I LOVE it, after living in that farmhouse on a busy county road!

I mowed the backyard yesterday, no problem. Either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon I'll mow the front yard. I'm getting better and better at using the riding mower, and if this continues, I may buy a new one when this used one breaks down.

I saw a great rented movie Saturday night: "Notes on a Scandal." Highly recommended!

For my latest daily activities, check my Twitter sidebar; I update frequently day and night.

I'll close with this snippet from (a forum I visit often for widows/widowers). A widow wrote this, and it is worthy of consideration:

What I've learned about men as a widow:

1. They think I have money
2. They think I am horny
3. They think I need someone to "mother"
4. They have major health issues and think I'm a nurse
5. They need a place to stay and be taken care of
6. And they think, last but not least, I'll accept anything.

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