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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

V.Tech Shooter

...achieved his goal: infamy, notoriety, and unending obsession by the media.

How else can anyone explain his huge, info-packed mailing to MSNBC received today? Isn't it entirely obvious? He wanted that minute of fame that so many in America crave, whether negative or positive.

Sure, he could be labeled insane, nuts, whatever...but to have the clarity of mind to plan his mass killing, do video/writings, photos and mail it prior to the slaying? To KNOW in advance the media feeding frenzy that would result? Methinks he was focused, intent, determined, and methodical (not unlike the 9/11 terrorists)... Is this insanity?

Or is that we are simply living in a mad, mad world?

I just wonder if seeing all the media coverage of the tawdry Anna Nicole saga is what finally drove him over the edge? LOL Seriously, when he wrote of debauchery in his suicide note, I couldn't help but wonder if he'd seen too much of that, as I, indeed, have.

As for the media, eat your hearts out CNN, CBS and ABC -- MSNBC hit the motherlode today! (sarcasm intended)

In news from the mundane of my life: I finally used the riding mower to mow the yard. I'm learning more as I practice, and it is going well. It took less than an hour, and I think it'll prove to be a task I can manage. And true, there is a sense of accomplishment, just seeing the lawn mown, and knowing I did it! Beats paying for it too!

I went on my bike ride earlier, and plan to take the dogs for a short walk later. Tomorrow I will go to the library, try to find some novels/fiction, which at least makes sense. Life, lately and unfortunately, does NOT -- and in fact, never has and never will. That is the SECRET all novelist know.

UPDATE: Just wondering about the shooter: there are vague references/snippets about physical abuse in his writings and I am wondering if any intrepid reporter has tried to interview his parents, look into this aspect? Or what about his theatrical play in which student characters attack/kill a teacher/professor who raped/abused them? I guess we'll all know eventually, via the media...but I have to speculate that there might be more to this than we currently know. {Or maybe his parents are busy negotiating the movie rights to his life story via a lawyer -- sarcasm intended}

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