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Monday, April 23, 2007

Mad news of the world...

I'd love to tell you that all the other news agencies were suddenly attacked by a sincere feeling of guilt over the airing of that hideous video by the V.Tech shooter to MSNBC, but let's face it folks, just ain't so. (Um, does JEALOUSY/COMPETITION ring a bell here?) Frankly, to think that FOX (Faux news as intelligent people call it) actually had a serious bout of conscience after all the crap they spew...well, it defies credibility.

S*it happens, all the time. Just glad I didn't bring forth any more humans into this world to experience it.

Why the V.Tech shooter did what he did: Only he knew for sure, but it seems fairly obvious he was picked on and bullied as a shy youngster. And I read he might have been autistic too -- or at least once diagnosed as a child. The media has an obligation to report news; that event is news, and in general the public wants to know WHY it happened.

Though this may seem bleak, I'm actually in a GREAT mood. See Twitter (on sidebar) for recent updates about WHY...

Still, I believe that humans and the earth and the solar system and the nauseam, are, indeed, doomed.

For more newsworthy events as evidence of this, I give you these links:

Man Kills Houston Complex Manager, Self

Nurse Guilty of Dismembering Husband

Quantum physics says goodbye to reality

Two of World's Oldest Women Meet in Indiana

I don't know, but I'm thinking I might like to be one of those old ladies in that last article!!! Of course, as the quantum physics article states, apparently reality doesn'exist without us to observe it. I think I once stated in a previous post that maybe we're all in some elaborate computer game, and the plug could be pulled at any time.

So there you have it, more evidence of our mad, mad world.

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