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Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting

I had been busy all morning, running errands in town, and was shocked to hear on the radio about the Virginia Tech shooting spree. Horrible. Worst in this country, to date. But I've noticed that every new spree shooting (seen in timelines on the news) shows that the victim count continues to rise. It will be interesting to learn exactly what kind of weapon was used, since the shooter killed so many so quickly. He must have planned this with exquisite detail, leaving nothing to chance, and carrying it out precisely -- including his suicide. I have a nephew away at college, and it's easy to imagine how devastated the families of all the victims will be for a long, long time.

Otherwise, I had thought about mowing my yard today but it really doesn't need it just now. We are supposed to have rain tomorrow night, and after that, I guess the front yard will need to be mown. The back yard is still in good shape.

I went on my bike ride after returning from errands, then did some long-overdue housecleaning -- mopped the floors, dusted, etc. Yesterday my sister stayed all day with me while bro-in-law took his mother into Urgent Care since she was feeling sick. Doctor didn't think it was anything serious though. Anyhow, we had a great visit and the dogs loved having her here; Oscar sat in her lap almost the whole time.

Tomorrow she is returning, and we'll take mother to visit my step-dad's grave -- he's buried in a local veteran's memorial cemetery, since mother will be buried beside my father. Mother seems to be stable, but I don't talk to her as much; living with my other sister, she's in a chaotic household and with only one phone line.

The television I had in my bedroom went on the fritz over the weekend, so I'm looking for a replacement. I don't use it that much, but it's nice to have it on for company when I can't sleep. I'm debating between an LCD TV and flat-screen cheapie at Wal-mart.

I am becoming addicted to Twitter, since I can make constant updates about what I'm doing during the day/night. If you want to find out my latest, brief updates, do check it out at this URL:

Frequent Updates At Twitter

There's also a permanent link on my sidebar.

As for the post on snakes in potted plants, I'm not sure that was true, after all. I asked my sister, who sent it to me, if she was SURE it happened to her neighbor and she's checking into it. Quite possibly, it was a forwarded email -- and that is how urban legends get perpetuated. I may remove that post if I find out it IS a hoax, and I must say that looking at the photos, they seem a bit too posed: If I found snakes in a pot, I wouldn't be calm enough to take photos, I'd be killing those little monsters! LOL

Enough for today.

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