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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Poem

This was written recently when I was alone, lying in bed, a thunderstorm approaching.

Distant Thunder

Off in the distance
A roar and rumble
Scents of rain on the wind,
And I lie in my bed
Unafraid of storms
Tornados or hurricanes
Cancer or disaster.

I have lived long
And hard and for Art,
Stood in downpours of rain
And raging rivers of heartache,
Kissed and loved and lost
Lovers, scoundrels and the cost
Has been monumental sorrow
And aching and surrender...
But -- I have lived.

Thunder rocks and rolls
Across a perilous world,
Where no one is promised

To be dangerous
To be alive
And give your ALL
Your soul, your heart
For Art
For Love
For Life
Then distant thunder
Will never threaten.


Though I've not mentioned it recently in my blog, I have almost finished my memoir. It will end with my marriage, not continue into that landscape. My childhood/teen years were so difficult, dangerous and yes, loveless, that I decided to end that first part of my life in one book.

No, it will not be online...because I intend to search for a publisher.

Tired, had a busy day, and ready for bed. Just wanted to post this before I go to sleep.

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