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Sunday, May 06, 2007

My cats in photos...

Yep, they are all still here. When the dogs go to their crate to sleep at night, the cats come inside to play! The cats routine hasn't changed at all; they've always had their daytime special home (a screeporch/indoor haven attached to house) and only came inside at night for a few hours. And that is still true.

I have some photos of their playtime:

The two Queen B*tches (Pretty & Ms. Bitty)-- always vying for dominate cat

Pretty wins, always does...though Bitty will be next to take the ONE Queen B*tch status

They are contemplating a smackdown!

Except for Princess, who could care less & prefers to watch

Been a lazy day, just the usual slow Sunday. I did take the dogs on a walk late, after the temps cooled down somewhat. Didn't bike, since I often take Sundays off from biking. Tomorrow we're supposed to get a cool front, and with temps only in the 70s, so I'll probably mow the backyard.

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