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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New camera photos

These are experimental first photos with my new camera -- which is a Samsung Digimax U-CA 5. Although I have a lot to learn about all the features, I'm impressed with it. Especially the movie-making aspect, since there's no limit on the movie length if you have a large capacity SD card (and I already had one I'd bought for the Nikon).

Anyhow, here's a few first pictures:

~~Rambo in his favorite chair beside my computer~~

~~Rambo and Oscar on their "doggie trail"~~

~~My new sofa in the living room~~

~~And the matching loveseat~~

~~Slinky, one of my bobtail cats~~

My sister has been here all day visiting, and we had a great time talking. Then took the dogs for a long walk in the nearby park -- Oscar and Rambo LOVE that! Also, my new sofa/loveseat are VERY comfortable, and I am glad I finally bought them. I did buy the riding mower from my sister today, and next up, a picture of it!

Must head out for my bike ride now, since we're expecting rain tomorrow and I want to get in a good ride before the storms.

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