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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

With each day that comes, it seems we draw closer to war. After watching Bush speak the other night on TV, I (and countless other Americans) realized that soon our country will be sending our troops into harm's way. While I would NEVER blame the troops for following orders, my uncertainty rests with the current administration -- all the way from the President on down through the many levels of political power wielding massive military might. I do not believe that "might makes right," but for now, we can only wait and see what happens. I am sure that I speak for many Americans who have grave misgivings about this new direction our government is taking, as well as what the results will be -- not just in the immediate present -- but in the future of the world.

Personally, emotionally...I feel sick at heart. I can still recall how nauseous I felt when the first President Bush announced the beginning of the other Gulf War. And I was just as queasy when Bush II announced the massive bombing campaign against Afghanistan. I do not like killing, and I think air-bombardment is horribly destructive. IF, as I've written in other entries in this journal, the Bush administration is set on trying to make Iraq a democratic example in the Middle East, why wasn't Afghanistan first in that priority? We hear so little now about Afghanistan, and I think sometimes Bush has too many irons in the fire to handle any of them well.

Here's some articles and excerpts that I found interesting:

Bush message machine set to roll -- Administration wants to get its version of war out

March 19 — When American troops move into Iraq, the Bush administration’s message machine, in its own way as massive and disciplined as the U.S. military, will be equally ready to roll. Staffed with veterans of countless political campaigns, and honed on the communications lessons of Afghanistan, its war plan is in place.

More than any other conflict in history, the Iraq war will be conducted under the staring eyes and within constant earshot of most of the world. In a new Pentagon strategy both to disseminate and control the news, U.S. and foreign journalists are integrated into virtually every U.S. and British unit, with satellite technology enabling them to broadcast reports on the war on the ground as it happens. A number of journalists remain in Baghdad, watching, for the moment at least, from the other side.

Just as in a political campaign, the Bush administration wants its version of each day’s events to be first and foremost, as it seeks to press preferred story lines.

As a former journalist, I just have to comment on this -- I am appalled! Has the free press ceased to exist? I sure hope that now that reporters are in frontline positions, they WILL TELL THE TRUTH, and NOT the Bush party line. I swear, if we can't trust the free press (the fourth estate, you know, who are supposed to keep a skeptical eye on government) then slowly our own democracy will erode. When the public starts to mistrust the press, then I think we're done for.

Commanders fear wide civil unrest -- U.S. officers worried over possible ‘rolling civil strife’

That's a very interesting article, in that it makes me wonder exactly whom will be killing whom over there in Iraq, once the fighting starts. And if that kind of strife is still going on in Afghanistan, and that's why we hear almost nothing from there now? Just call me cynical about establishing peace and order out of such chaos -- a project that would take many, many years, not overnight.

Oprah had a fascinating show yesterday. She had two guests who are very knowledgeable about the Middle East, and Muslims...and in some ways, the whole show was about WHY so many in the world now hate us here in the USA. If you didn't see it, you should try to catch a re-run or watch the Discovery program Wednesday March 26th. Here's the info on that program: DSC Wednesday, 26 -- Thomas L. Friedman Reporting: Searching for the Roots of 9/11

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman reports from Indonesia, Qatar, Egypt and Europe on the roots of Muslim rage and mistrust towards America.

Thanks to Oprah for having the courage to promote this Discovery special, and take a closer look at why others in the world have come to hate us. It takes courage to voice doubts about the current administration's policies, particularly in the post-9/11 USA. And I am also glad that Rep. Daschle has grown a backbone, and voiced some serious doubts lately too; other Democrats need to follow suit.

It has been stormy off and on here today, and I didn't ride my bike. Our temperature has almost reached 80, and we're still under a severe thunderstorm alert. However, it's sunny out there right now... I did bike yesterday and the day before, since I caught a break in the rain and went then. I am still at 89 lbs, so I may not go bike today. I also have been doing some extensive housework, and yesterday I had to run errands in town, go to Wal-mart -- not my favorite activity.

So it is with sadness and worry about the next few days that I close this entry today.

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