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Sunday, March 30, 2003

I went on my bike ride early, and though partly sunny, that wind is fierce! It's only in the 40s today, a drastic change here, and supposed to hit the high 20s tonight with frost. Lots of plants will perish, unfortunately. I'm at 90 lbs again today, and stayed at 89 a few days, then 91 yesterday and 90 today. This is okay with me, and I don't mind the three pound variation... I'm eating a little more, getting good nutrition, but if I gain, then I cut back. I feel fine too.

Okay, here's a few article links/exerpts you're not likely to see in the USA media (which has become the spokes-persons for the pentagon, I fear). These are interesting articles from British foreign news agencies:

BBC chiefs stress need to attribute war sources

"We're absolutely sick and tired of putting things out and finding they're not true. The misinformation in this war is far and away worse than any conflict I've covered, including the first Gulf war and Kosovo," said a senior BBC news source.

"On Saturday we were told they'd taken Basra and Nassiriya and then subsequently found out neither were true. We're getting more truth out of Baghdad than the Pentagon at the moment. Not because Baghdad is putting out pure and morally correct information but because they're less savvy about it, I think.

"I don't know whether they [the Pentagon] are putting out flyers in the hope that we'll run them first and ask questions later or whether they genuinely don't know what's going on - I rather suspect the latter."

Hometown America watches in horror

The focus on the PoWs has also given the public a clearer picture of who the troops in the Gulf are. Johnson joined up to learn to cook, Piestewa is a Native American from a Navajo reservation, and captured welder Private Patrick Miller, who told his captors on TV that he was only in Iraq to 'fix broke stuff', enlisted last summer to help pay student loans - all of which has fuelled criticism that the military is weighted towards minorities and poor whites.

No surprise in that last article; Bush/Repubs must have some secret plan to wipe out the poor and minorities here, eh? They don't believe in abortion, but sending poverty-struck kids into a war is a-okay.

I'm about to take a break from the news, etc. and get outside, away from it all for the rest of today. I also have the first draft of my article finished, but need to rewrite it tomorrow.

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