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Monday, March 17, 2003

Dark, dreary, rainy Monday here. No biking, so I'm staying indoors trying to catch up on some overdo writing -- like updating this blog.

The weekend was fairly nice, and though I didn't bike Saturday, I did Sunday morning. I also ate balanced meals, and didn't gain a pound! I think the supplements MUST be keeping my metabolism higher, and thus I don't gain. For more on my CR diet, go here.

Looks like war with Iraq is on the near horizon, and unstoppable. There's nothing I can do, that's for sure...only hope it turns out for the best. I fear it won't in that so many innocent lives will be lost. And I find it difficult to justify that, regardless of the war rhetoric in America now.

When I read statements in the news by VP Cheney like this: "Vice President Dick Cheney dismissed the French proposal, saying "it's difficult to take the French seriously." it is no wonder so many Europeans dislike Americans now. I find it is difficult to take Cheney seriously, since he seems to be a mouth-piece for big oil, IMO.

I also read a very interesting, thought-provoking article which I think is worth your time to check out: The Arrogant Empire -- America’s unprecedented power scares the world, and the Bush administration has only made it worse. How we got here—and what we can do about it now

I am reading the suspense novel, "Sleep No More" by Gregg Iles, and it is quite good...though not as good as the last one I read, "Sacrament of Lies." I have read one of his novels before, but had forgotten it. At any rate, I'm over halfway through the novel, and haven't lost interest yet...which says something positive about it, I guess.

And that's it for now.

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