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Monday, March 03, 2003

I've been fooling around with the HTML colors on this template, changed them a bit. Not the greatest color scheme, nor flashy..but should be easy on the eyes. This is not a blog for showing off my HTML skills, rather just an easy-on-the-eyes-to-read flow, and using the simple template at Blogger. At any rate, I'll leave it this neutral color for now. I'm thinking of upgrading to the paying account, but haven't decided yet.

I just had to get out of the house today in this sunny weather. Not very warm, still in the 50s, but the first sign of sun we've seen in over a week! I did a few errands in town, some shopping, then came home and hastily did the housework.

Afterward, I got on my bike, prepared for a long ride in the park...only to find that the park staff was working on the baseball diamond, had the trail blocked. I understand that, but what irks me sometimes is this HUGELY obese guy who is too lazy to walk from the entrance to the field, so he drives his pickup all the way into the park, then blocks the trail! He is too lazy to walk to the baseball field, and we're talking less than a quarter mile here. He could use the exercise! Oh well. I just rode my bike up and down the steep hilly streets, got a better workout.

I didn't get any good pictures yesterday, it was a gray, dark day and no point in even trying. But we had a nice afternoon ride through the countryside, good to get out of town for an hour or so.

I'm at 90 lbs again today. That means I can eat a little more for my evening meal...but not much.

Here's an article about the religious fanatic in the White House from TIME, via MSNBC:

Bush and God


Bush believes in God’s will—and in winning elections with the backing of those who agree with him. As a subaltern in his father’s 1988 campaign, George Bush the Younger assembled his career through contacts with ministers of the then emerging evangelical movement in political life. Now they form the core of the Republican Party, which controls all of the capital for the first time in a half century. Bible-believing Christians are Bush’s strongest backers, and turning them out next year in even greater numbers is the top priority of the president’s political adviser Karl Rove.

I find that to be VERY scary indeed.

And now I'm going to do some surfing, see if I can find some other interesting bloggers!

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