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Saturday, March 08, 2003

This is just a brief update, so I can add some links to organizations promoting PEACE not WAR here in the USA. If you are at all interested in DOING something to express your anti-war sentiments, check out these websites and participate!

United For Peace

Peace Action

Not In Our Name

Waited to go on my bike ride till after 3:00 due to a baseball game at the park. Had a nice ride though on this beautiful, almost-spring day with temps in the 70s and sunny! Love this kind of weather! Ran errands in town early, bought groceries, etc.

Also, added some updated pictures of myself, now that I weigh only 90 pounds. Look HERE if you'd like to see those.

I'm currently reading "Enemy Women" -- a novel about Civil War women incarcerated in northern prisons. It's good so far, but the author has chosen a style that I find detracts from the storyline. It's confusing to understand WHO is speaking when you don't use quotation marks. I'll post a passage soon, to demonstrate what I mean.

That's it for now.

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