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Wednesday, March 26, 2003


Yep, it's beginning to look/sound a lot like a replay of the Vietnam War over in Iraq. De ja vu all over again. And all the while we have these politicians/military smugly telling us the 'war' is right on track, nothing is running afoul. To that I only say: "What an idiotic war plan."

Folks, we ain't seen nothin yet. I am fairly sure the worst is yet to come, and then when the smoke settles, wait till those grateful Iraqi people realize we're there to STAY. They can't fight a 'conventional war,' since they don't have the firepower our troops do...but they can use clever deception tactics, just like some of the Vietnamese used. And I see no end to this, because the diversity and long-standing grudges amongst all the tribes in Iraq are not simply going to disappear.

Oh, and the ridiculous righteous outrage of Americans here...oh, the anger that those darn Iraqi people would DARE to defend themselves in any way possible, why...imagine that! That they would kill our troops, who after all are only bringing freedom through death, bombing, killing, why it's just unbelieveable! (sarcasm) Americans need to get a clue: NO HUMAN BEINGS LIKE TO BE INVADED AND BOMBED, KILLING INNOCENT CITIZENS. And further, they are not likely to forget their dead once the war is over either. Somehow I don't think they'll blame Saddam for the killing either...only the invaders.

Welcome to The Bush Era, Americans. All those who voted for him, well, please accept your responsibility in the debacle. And as for the rest of us, please...let's vote Bush out of office at the next election (if we can keep the Supreme Court out of it, that is.)

Sickened, disgusted, angry today at the spectacle of American arrogance.

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