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Saturday, May 29, 2004

I found them, yes I did! I found the Abercrombie tombstones -- not only the previous owners of this house, but their ONE daughter AND her ONE son's wife's grave. So I was correct in my feeling that they might be buried in the nearby cemetery where I ride my bike. (As an aside, the elderly lady who lived near us in town was girlfriends with the Abercrombie's only daughter long ago and had told DH about their friendship, but not about them being buried in the cemetery.)

This morning dawned overcast and mild, so I went on my bike ride (trying out the new three-gear shifter DH found at a local bike shop) and was amazed to almost immediately find the tombstones of the Abercrombie clan. Goodness, I was so excited! I don't think this is what most genealogy research makes one feel, but since I DO want to record an accurate history for this house, I am very happy.

By the way, I extracted all the "facts" from the deed, and also have a timeline of who owned the original 40 acres and when the house was built. I plan to type that into the computer and add it to this blog soon, as well as do a nice printed version which I will frame for hanging on the wall here in the house.

Oddly enough...(don't laugh!) I am beginning to have this "uncanny" feeling regarding the ONE grandson/heir of the Abercrombies who is still alive. He is 59, still lives at the same address in Birmingham where he did in 1983; his mother/father are buried in the cemetery, and his wife. She must have died rather young. I plan to copy down all the dates of birth/death when I have time at the cemetery. But I DO feel...this strange "connection" to the living grandson. Imagine if my paternal grandparents had sold their old house to someone, and eventually an owner would have contacted me asking for information about the place. Goodness, what true tales I could have told!

Also, just as a very, very weird coincidence, the grandson has the same first name as my DH's...well, peculiar "adoption" story person.

Enough for now. More later. {The one kitten is still alive, but I have brought it into the house, and I'm hand-feeding it. I watched it nurse, and I'm beginning to think mom cat doesn't have any milk now.}

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