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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

So I get up this morning, intending to take Bitty Kitty (mom cat) to be spayed. However, unbelievably, the black-and-white kitten is still alive. But she seemed rather lethargic, and I was afraid she wouldn't make it long.

However, as the day progressed, the kitten improved. And mom cat seemed very attentive. I fed the kitten once, and called the vet, to schedule the spaying. Yet as the hours passed, the kitten seemed even MORE active. This one has a strong desire to survive!!! She was always the most whiny and active of the kittens, even if puny. When I had her and the blond kitten indoors, she would attempt to crawl out of the clothes basket.

At any rate, I finally decided something: LET NATURE TAKE ITS COURSE. I have done all I can for mom cat and the kitten/kittens. But IF this one lives, it will; if it doesn't, it won't. And really, I am rather helpless in this situation. Therefore, I called the vet back and cancelled the spaying until at least next week.

Here's some photos I made while mom cat and kitten were outside playing together:

Rolling in the clover Posted by Hello

Kittenish play Posted by Hello

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