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Monday, May 10, 2004

Arg! WHY do I put myself through this? Is it possible that WOMEN (yes, I'm speaking of the FEMALE of the species) has some sort of basic instinct to protect LIFE at all costs? Because I sure do go the distance when it comes to saving critter lives!

Yesterday DH and I went on a short drive, just to get away from working on this place for awhile, and left a crack in the door of the utility shed so mama kitty could get out. I'd done this before, with no problem. But when we got back, the two kittens were missing. Perhaps mom got frightened for some reason, and moved the kittens. Would I leave it alone? Why no, NO of course not. I had to go on a search mission and found them in the HOT garage!

I took the kittens back to the utility shed, with mama cat following. I put them in their box, but she was NOT happy. Later, she moved them back to the garage. Okay. I put them back in the utility shed and shut the door. This morning I get up, and check on them: mama cat has hidden them behind a bunch of junk, where it was cold. Result: the kittens have a cold now.

Woe is me. I took the kittens into the house, and even went to town, bought some formula to handfeed them...and medicine for their eyes. I am hoping I can pull these two through, and they DID take the formula (thanks to an experienced friend's advice on how to feed kittens!) I am going to try saving them. In the meantime, mama cat is aggravated; I am taking the kittens out to her several times a day, letting her feed and care for them, but ONLY with strict supervision. She is really just a kitten herself, very young, and a new she's not too good at this mama business. The kittens seem to be doing better inside, especially since I can keep them warm and cozy, as well as administer to their eye and sinus congestion.

To top it all off, Blogger decides today is the day to change ALL the format...which means a steep learning curve in posting entries.

Additionally, I've been in a dead run all day, and then my mother and step-dad dropped by for a visit when I returned from town. It was good seeing them, but I sure am tired now!

And so it goes....

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