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Monday, May 03, 2004

Bad, sad news: I only have two kittens alive. I don't know if they will make it or not, and at this point, I wouldn't bet on their survival.

When I was at the vet with the kittens Friday, the vet said that one (my fav, the cute gray tabby) probably wouldn't live; it looked as if it had liver damage. She, the vet, said that she couldn't tell why, other than it might have stayed too long in the birth canal or some similar birthing problem. So I wasn't exactly unprepared when I found it dead Saturday night. But then Sunday morning, one of the huge yellow tabby kittens was dead and I began to get alarmed.

I checked everything I could imagine might contribute to the kittens' death -- but alas, mom cat was fine, her milk was good, the dead kittens even seemed to have full bellies. They were all in a HUGE, comfy-sized box, with plenty of room, so accidental suffocation didn't seem a possibility.

I did some online research, and read about Fading Kitten Syndrome and learned that as much as 15 to 40% of kittens and puppies die without knowing WHY. There's a lot that can go wrong, apparently, (just as in human births, another reason I didn't want kids)...and it looks as if I was unfortunate to have this bad luck/experience. I've had other cats who've had kittens, and lost one occasionally...but this, it sure is upsetting and sad, disturbing.

This morning I found the cream-and-white colored kitten dead. I called the vet, and asked her opinion. I also wanted to know if giving the mom cat a rabies shot and/or the wormer medication could have caused this...but she said no, absolutely not. However, she was as shocked as I was about the deaths. At any rate, IF the other two don't make it, I asked her when I can bring in Bitty Kitty to be spayed and she said a week or so. I DO NOT want this experience again! And mom cat IS doing fine, has stopped bleeding. Bitty will have to be an outside cat, due to my indoor cats being exposed to leukemia, but I'll have a good place in the utility shed for her and the city kitty to stay when weather is bad.

I'm still hoping the other two make it, and IF they do, I may just keep them myself!

I removed the photos I had of the whole litter; it just seemed...wrong somehow, to show them online when several died.

I had to go shopping today, but went to the nearby mall; I am liking it better and better, and even found a bargain on some capris pants today, which are all the rage these days. We used to call those "peddle-pushers" back in the 60s! Ha, that's how old I am: I can remember those days!

I also went on my bike ride for the first time in over a week; my bike had a gear problem, and DH had to find a part for it. I went on the killer loop, and it was GREAT! Our temps cooled to the 60s today, 40s last night...and it was perfect for biking today!

Have to close. I want to see the NEW crazy couples on Dr. Phil today. And yes, we got the door installed, and just need to do some painting and I'll then have new photos of it.

Outta here!

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