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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Just a brief update: I haven't felt too well today, and yesterday DH was off work. Of course, I'm still in a dead run taking care of the kitten and mom cat, as well as all the other stuff that never seems to get done here! :-)

I went on my bike ride very late, but didn't take the camera with me. I again looked at the tombstones of the Abercrombie family, and also found another former owner's grave. I will try to get pictures soon.

Tonight DH is working at the voting place, so I had some extra time. However, I spent most of it playing with the kitten! She is really doing great (or at least it looks that way); she used the litterbox today when I put her in it, and I am hoping she'll be eating soon. Tomorrow I am going to phone the vet and see if I can set up spaying for Bitty Kitty on Thursday, but take her in tomorrow afternoon. That way she will stay until Friday, and I'll bring the kitten indoors. I will let her stay in the bathroom on Thursday, with formula/food/water and litterbox while DH and I are gone.

We must go to the hospital in a nearby city, since my brother-in-law is having a serious test to determine what is causing his heart problems. We're hoping it isn't real serious, but one never knows. And I want to be there for my sister. I hope we'll be home by late afternoon, if all goes well.

That's about it for now.

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