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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Brief update on the kittens: They are both doing well, and seem to have beaten their colds. The main reason I kept them indoors a couple days/nights was to administer medication, as well as prevent them becoming chilled. However, now that they are better, I'm allowing mom cat to nurse, take care of them.

Tuesday I hosed down the utility shed, scrubbed/cleaned the huge plastic box and bedding where they'd been staying. When I allowed mom cat and kittens back in there, Bitty Kitty (the mom) seemed fine with it again. I have made sure to keep the door closed all the time they are in there, and when I let mom cat out for exercise, I take the kittens into my house. I think, for now, this is the best course; and so far, the mom cat seems okay with this -- although when she wants the kittens back, she comes onto the back porch and yowls for them! :-)

She's actually a good first mom, in that she is nursing the kittens, and was only being protective by moving them. I am sure that something -- perhaps one of the toms that prowl around here -- scared her and that is why she moved the kittens. As long as there is NO WAY anything can get inside the shed, I think she'll be fine; at least I hope so, since I desperately want these two kittens to make it.

Oh, and surprise, surprise -- the black-and-white kitten turns out to be female. The yellow tabby is male though, so I will keep him. I may keep the black-and-white female too, just haven't decided yet.

Otherwise, I have been staying busy. I have started biking early in the morning, due to the heat of the day. We're deep into HOT weather already, though occasionally we get a brief respite and have some mild temperatures. Today has become overcast, with predictions of storms later. We NEED rain though, so I hope we get some late in the afternoon.

That's about it for now. More to come as I have time...

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