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Monday, February 09, 2004

Another brief update to say that Buddy, my ailing cat, is improving. He is still not back to normal, but eating and playing some. I also read the label on the dry cat food I'd been feeding, 9 Lives Plus, which is supposed to prevent urinary stones. And aha!, when I compared it to other such brands, I see that it has more magnesium and ash content.

Today I went to the pet store, and bought some very pricey dry food to prevent urinary problems. However, better an ounce of prevention than a pound of cure. I am hoping this will help him.

What else? Oh, no more news from the "problem." Still feeling optimistic we've heard the last of it.

And best of all? I have a new friend here in Alabama -- a mathematics professor at a college only about 50 miles away. Met on a friendship group online. He is also interested in some of the same hobbies/activities I am, and this should prove to be a fascinating email exchange.

That's all she wrote today, folks.

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