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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Not too much to report, just the same old, same old. Worked like crazy over the three-day weekend (DH was off Monday) and we're accomplishing a great deal. We have even gotten to the point we have a list of the items that must be bought and things to be done before moving. If all goes well, we may move by either the first of March or no later than mid-March.

I'm constantly amazed at how nice the old house is shaping up, and enclosing the front porch was an excellent idea. Not only do we have a large room just for the cats, but also a good-sized foyer where we can enter and hang our coats, etc. DH finished all the siding inside and now we only have to put down plywood, then flooring. Last of all, we'll have professional carpet cleaners out to do all the carpet inside the house.

Today I had to run errands, then buy a few more things to take there. It's been rainy all morning, rather cold, but the sun seems to be peeking out now. Would love a couple weeks of ONLY sunshine; we need it to dry out the soggy ground.

The new colt is doing fine. He's out being frisky, always by his mama mare's side. But he won't be at the farm much longer; DH will take him and the mare to the new owner within a couple weeks. Also, DH has sold two more horses lately, and when we're at the old house working, people stop by off and on, wanting to look at horses or saddles. Soon as we move in, DH will put up a sign on the fence alongside the highway with our phone number and advertising horses/saddles/tack for sale. Considering the volume of traffic, we should get quite a lot of customers!

Nothing from the "problem." And as the saying goes: "No news is good news."

That's it for today!

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