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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Whoowee! I feel just like a legal secretary...or a lawyer, or...a landlord.

Today I spent most of my time downloading, filling-in and printing legal forms for renters. Yes, I am planning on putting out a sign "House for Rent" and application (in plastic tube) for potential renters for our house here in town. That means I had to also download and fill in a legal form for a Lease Agreement -- current in our state. So I've been busy printing out this material, and might put it out in front of our house next Monday. It might take a few weeks to find suitable renters, and that would give us time to do so.

I am anxious to stop the bills for two houses, and get some INCOME coming in from rent on this house in town.

We are having a BEAUTIFUL day here in the South; in the 60s, sunny and PERFECT for getting outdoors. I went on my bike ride around noon, then scrubbed/cleaned out a large durable dog-house that I plan on using for the cats inside, once we move. Yesterday was fairly nice too, and I cleaned a storm door off the old house, but haven't decided if we'll use it or not. So I've been busy!

We finally found a huge picture window for the living room at the old house. We'd shopped around, and one building supply told us they could get one: but they never did, and we were tired of waiting. That is the ONLY window we need to replace, all others now done.

So we called a glass company here in town, and they said they could get us exactly the RIGHT size to replace the double-windows in the old house, and for HALF the price of what the building supply wanted. AND they deliver! So we should have that window delivered on Saturday, and if all goes well, it should be installed before the weekend is over. This will make a tremendous difference in the living room, as well as the view of the house from the road -- should improve both immensely.

I LOVE the view out those windows, for you can see part of the pasture, and a long section of the road, as well as the woods. I think I'll like sitting in that room, just looking out at the peaceful country scene.

That's about it for today!

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