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Friday, February 06, 2004

Just a brief update to report on my ailing cat, Buddy. He seemed so much better after the vet visit yesterday, since he was diagnosed with bladder/kidney infection and crystals. Not blocked, but definitely having some problems. The vet gave him a shot of antibiotic and antispasmodic...which helped.

However, this morning he doesn't want to eat. I tempted him with some special treats, and he still didn't even nibble. I did get the liquid antibiotic down him, and will just hope he feels better by tomorrow, or I'll take him back to the vet. At least it wasn't the bad news I was fearing...

Well, another weekend nearly here and we'll be working again at the old house. We are hoping to install the last window, which is extra large to replace two double windows...if it comes in. We had to order it, and the building supply said it should be here this weekend. I also plan to scrape, sand and paint the exterior trim on the front porch windows, for that will have to be done before we move. Plus, I still need to paint the interior trimwork in the living room. So, plenty of hard work ahead!

We are hoping to move at least by the end of this month. Or earlier, if possible. We're getting tired of taking care of two houses, and could sure use the money either from the sale of this house in town or rent off it.

In the meantime though, work, work and MORE work ahead!

One last note: I found a rant about adoption and/or open adoption records that truly gave me a chuckle, as well as hit home on a truth. No, I don't have some unknown kid of my own out there...but adoption is partly what DH's "problem" is about. Read this and you'll get an idea of my opinion:

Abort the Bastards

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