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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

New baby here! Yep, DH has a couple mares due, and one surprised us by having her baby...last night! The mare is a gorgeous Palomino, and the colt looks exactly like her! She's had several colts, and always does well with them. No exception here, either. DH made a deal where he would keep these two mares till they delivered, then let the owner have them and the colts until the colts are weaned. Then DH gets the colts back. So the baby will only be with us a couple weeks or so, until it's safe to move her and the mare.

I haven't seen the colt yet, but DH called early this morning and described it. He's coming in early, and we'll go to the farm then so I can see the new colt and DH can do some rearranging for them. He wants the colt and mare in the barn, since it's supposed to start a hard rain tonight and continue through tomorrow and into Friday morning. I'm going to take my digital camera, and try to get some pix of the colt!

I spent a busy, hectic morning. Had some shopping to do, mainly for stuff to use at the old house. Needed a new trim paint brush, some mini-blinds for the kitchen, a couple topper curtains, and just random items. Even ended up dropping by the Salvation Army store, and found a few bargains. I already have curtains in all but two of the rooms, and I'm trying to get a lot of such details finished before we ever actually move in. It sure would have been nice to be there this morning, to walk out the back door and see that cute little newborn colt! Of course, there's still another one to be born, and maybe we'll be there by then.

When I got home, I went on my bike ride -- the first time this week. And darn, it's just like starting all over, very difficult. But I DID go the entire distance, and feel whipped! But I felt like I NEEDED the exercise.

Still doing research related to the current situation here -- but as the days pass with no news, I am hoping we've heard the last of it. I just want to get back to our life, and forget all about that crap. However, I am sure that I will write about it...even if in a fictionalized form, sooner or later. I've learned too much, and feel very, very strongly about my views on this. And only when a writer has such deeply passionate feelings about something should they attempt to use it in their writing. In fact, one of Writer Digest's writing prompts is this:

List the issues, both big and small, that make you angry. Getting in touch with subjects you feel passionately about can help you decide what you need to write about.

I haven't felt as angry and upset about anything as the latest situation in years and years. I am beginning to think that a serene life is not conducive to writing! :-)

And that's it for today.

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