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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Hey, that was quick! The 2000 Escort SE is sitting in my carport as of now! :=)

The salesman was nice enough to meet us on the north side of the larger city (50 miles away), which made it much easier on us. Didn't have to go through all the interchanges, etc, we would have had to if we'd drove all the way to the dealer's car lot. He brought all the paperwork, and I drove the Escort, DH looked it over, and we both decided it was a good bargain. Bought it, paid cash (with a check), signed all the papers, and it's officially mine now. We have a three-day grace period if we want to get the engine, etc, checked...but I'm sure it's a solid, sound engine. I drove it back, following DH, and I am very impressed with it out on the highway. Really smooth, has plenty of power (for a 4 cylinder, it's great), gets excellent gas, it's perky in the city too, quick start and drives/handles easily. I think I'm going to enjoy it even more than the older Escort I've had over ten years! Time will tell, but I am happy about it right now.

DH has to go out of town tomorrow, and might have to stay till sometimes, it was necessary to speed up the plans, if I wanted to get that car. And I KNEW it was a bargain, the best price I've found anywhere...thus, the rushed deal. At least the salesman was very helpful, cooperative and truly made it all go smoothly. I already have the insurance too; we got that via the phone from our local insurance agent as soon as we arrived home.

It is a cloudy, blustery day...and rained all morning, but quit about 11:00. I haven't used the ski machine (did yesterday though) nor will I go on the bike ride today. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, warmer, so I'll go then. I also want to wash and clean the older Escort, get it spic-and-span, for we do plan to sell it.

That's about it for today.

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