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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Terrible, terrible tragedy today as the Shuttle Columbia was lost on re-entry to earth. I know that the men/women astronauts are aware of the danger in space flight, but I'm sure such a tragedy still comes as a shock to their families and friends.

However, I am glad there was no civilian aboard, and that the trained astronauts who died were at least professionals and had chosen their careers, fully aware of the inherent dangers. I also hope this disaster doesn't set the space program back as much as the other shuttle disaster did in the 80s when the civilian school teacher was aboard. Sure, there will have to be a thorough investigation, and preventive measures against this happening again...but there is always going to be RISK in space flight. We cannot abandon the endeavor, just because accidents happen.

From what I've heard on the news thus far, it seems logical to assume that whatever happened upon re-entry to the shuttle may have been connected to the piece of foam that broke off and hit the left wing at launch. Perhaps they will eventually discover the exact reason the shuttle was lost, but in the meantime, I see no significance in stopping shuttle launches.

I spent a busy day -- went on the bike ride around 9:00, then did housework, and headed to town for shopping. It's a beautiful day here, near 60 degrees, sunny and pleasant outdoors. Nice for shopping, etc. I hope this kind of weather continues, but I think we are supposed to have rain and storms on Monday/Tuesday. Tomorrow, however, will be great...and DH and I will get out and enjoy it, I'm sure.

I'm back at 90 lbs, probably due to suffering from a lousy cold all week. I felt horrible for a few days, had an awful cough, and stuffiness, sore throat. Thought I would cough myself to death! If that kind of cough is anything like smoker's cough, I'm sure I'd have no trouble quitting (though I've never smoked). My chest ached from all the coughing, felt like I'd been doing situps! I DID go on the bike ride each day though, even when it was in the low 40s. I am a glutton for punishment sometimes! Anyway, the cold also made food taste weird, and I lost my appetite...that's the good news, as well as the fact that I seem to be over it now, except for a little bit of croupe each morning and a frog-voice!

That's it for today.

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