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Monday, February 24, 2003

Not much to report today, except that I've been in a frantic, busy mode all day. Had to run numerous errands in town, as well as grocery shop (NOT my favorite activity), and just got home a little while ago.

It's a beautiful day here, sunny and in the high 50s. The weather forecast is predicting a possible ice/snow event sometimes between midnight and early morning tomorrow, but it seems impossible right now.

Yesterday DH and I went on our long Sunday afternoon ride, looked at more small cars, though most car lots were closed. I still can't decide if I should get a newer car, or stick with the little, older Escort; it is running great these days, and except for replacing the air compressor (so I'll have air conditioning in the summer) there's no problems. Ah, decisions, decisions!

I also went on my long bike ride early this morning, and it was extremely nice in the cool weather. I ate more over the weekend, and am back to 91. I really don't want to get below 90, for it could be unsafe for my health in general.

And that's it for today...except I added a new link to a writer's blog at the bottom of this site where I have assorted links. Check it out!

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