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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Hmm, well looks like the Columbia Shuttle disaster has brought out the conspiracy theorists, as well as assorted nutcases. I've been reading a bunch of weird theories about what happened, from the probable to the ridiculous. I guess NASA will eventually put out the official report, once the investigation comes to a definite conclusion...but even then, some folks just won't believe facts.

I've also seen a reappearance of an Urban Myth about the 'alleged' last tape transcript of the Challenger Shuttle crew. That has been repeatedly debunked by everyone from Urban Legend websites, to verified scientists and NASA professionals, yet it persists. WHY is it so difficult to accept FACTS, and not make up a bunch of crap to go along with it? More of the "Mad, Mad World" we live in folks.

Today is rainy, a cold, slow rain...and I couldn't go on my bike ride. But I'm not complaining; I needed a rest day. I have biked each day for over a week, thinking rain was on the way and I should not take a day off till the bad weather permitted it. I am staying at 92 lbs, but admit I've eaten a higher calorie intake for the past three days. I don't know why I haven't gained more, but I'm satsified to stay between 90 and 95...

Looks like war clouds are brewing, and we will soon have a full-fledged war in the middle east. I have decided NOT to make any more comments, or supply links to any news about this...since, basically, I am not in favor of a war. I'll just keep my opinions to myself for now.

Here's a writing prompt for today:

What is the first hour of your day like? Does what happens then have an effect on the rest of your day?

I get up around 8:00, weigh-in (the only time I weigh each day), get my housecoat on and head out to take care of the cats. First I take care of the stray cats, putting out fresh food and water; there's always at least two waiting patiently for my service! Then I take care of my pet cats, sweep their sunporch, change the cat litter, put out fresh food and water. By then, it's time to come inside and have my morning breakfast: a small bowl of bran cereal, sometimes with a small apple. I don't drink coffee. I take my regular medications then, as well as my vitamins/herbal supplements. I sit down at the computer to check email while I eat my cereal, and this sometimes turns into a brief surfing jaunt to read up on the latest news events. If it's a nice day, I get on my biking clothes and head out for a long ride. When I get back, I hose the cat litter pan, do a couple of outside chores, and then come inside to take my shower. I'm lucky if I get all this done by 10:00--11:00...finally dressed and ready for the rest of the day.

Does this have an effect on the rest of my day? I'd say the biking has the most impact: when I bike, I feel more relaxed all day, since I get a good aerobic workout. The other stuff is simply routine, and doesn't really effect my mood.

Enough for today.

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