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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I think I've found a car. It's a newer Escort, 2000 model, and has all the features of my older Escort, except better. The price is right, but it's located at a Mazda dealer over 50 miles away. I've contacted a salesman, and if possible, DH and I will probably go look at it Saturday. It's white, the color I want, and has low mileage -- but best of all, it is really a bargain. I've researched online, we've looked at all the car lots/dealers within a 30 mile radius, and just haven't found such a bargain in price. If it drives well, has a sound engine, I think I'll want to buy this one.

It is very cold here, only in the high 30s with overcast skies. I didn't ride the bike today, it just seemed too cold after the nice warm weather we'd been having. No snow, ice or even rain we were lucky about that! I will use the ski machine in a short while.

I did some housework, extra stuff I only do about once a week this morning, stayed busy.

And speaking of that, here's a journal writing prompt:

If you had to choose between the services of a cook, maid, chauffer, or masseuse — absolutely free, but only for a year — which one would it be? Why?

That's easy: I'd hire a chef. Why? I absolutely HATE to cook. Anything. I don't even like to boil water! Being in the South, that gives me a somewhat dubious distinction. My grandmother tried to teach me to cook her delicious recipes, but I never paid attention. I just don't like working with food, and particularly detest dealing with raw meat. Ugh. If DH wasn't here, I'd eat nothing but nutritious soups and salads.

Here's a link and article excerpt for anyone who is interested in the 'doomsday asteriod' scenario:

Asteroids and Secrecy: If End is Nigh, Do You Want to Know?

Suppose a giant asteroid is heading toward Earth right now. Impact is certain. The consequences are expected to be globally devastating, with the human race among the casualties. The chances of doing anything about it are zero, the government decides.

Would you want to know?

Or would you prefer the Feds keep the information secret and spare you and your neighbors a bunch of pointless worrying?

In essence, the question concerns whether you'd prefer to die in ignorant bliss, or if you'd like some options. The alternatives might include dying in a panic, calmly making peace with your Maker, finally taking the kids to Disneyland or -- who knows? -- making a last-ditch effort to fight odds your elected leaders say are wholly against you.

For several reasons that will become apparent as you read on, the question is largely moot.

But that didn't stop it from coming up at a major science gathering earlier this month and generating a global round of conspiracy headlines. According to some articles, the U.S. Government has been advised to withhold information of a catastrophic impact, were one ever found to be imminent. The Times of London put this headline above its story: "Don't Tell Public of Doomsday Asteroid."

Excellent, thought-provoking article; read it if you get time.

Now off to use the ski machine!

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