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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

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I'll close today with some quotes by Ruth Rendell about writing:

"One is either a story-teller or one is not. And if you are a story-teller, and it is possible for you to write, you will start writing stories." (Interview in The Irish Times 1996)

"I would think that the old-fashioned detective story which is so much a matter of clues and puzzles, is certainly on the way out, if not already gone. Crime novels now are much more novels of character, and novels which look at the world we live in." (Interview in The Irish Times 1996)

Writing is, while the process going on, a very private thing for me. I understand, I quite like the idea that some people write something and they read or show it to a friend or a companion or somebody they live with, and discuss it. But to me that's impossible. If I do that, the whole thing falls apart. It's as if it's brought into the light of day, and reality destroys it. I never discuss it at all. (Ruth Rendell 1996)

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