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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Here I am again, the THIRD entry today. This HAS to be a record for updates in ONE day. But I DO have something to write about, and wanted to capture this while it was fresh in my mind.

DH came home this afternoon, and as usual, I asked what he had for lunch. He said he had some delicious barbecue ribs at a local restaurant, and the best part was that it was free. I asked, "So who bought your lunch?" (Often co-workers will take turns paying for lunch.)

He said, "I don't know."

And of course I repeated, "You don't know?"

"Nope, when we (several co-workers together) got up to pay, the guy said that a lady who'd been sitting near us had paid for our lunch."

Of course, DH asked who the woman was; and the guy said he didn't know. As none of the co-workers, or DH, had paid much attention to the woman near them, they were surprised...and a bit perplexed. But the instant he told me about it, I said, "That could be one of those pay it foward acts."

We'd both seen the movie a long time ago, and I'd also looked on the web to find that there IS indeed still a strong movement by that name, with a website. We both found the movie to be good, but the "idea" of such acts of kindness/favor willingly done and having the only request be that the recipent do another kind act for a stranger in the very inspirational. I admit though that I've not done anything like that, just forgot about it essentially.

Anyhow, I guess it IS possible that the woman who anonymously paid for their lunch could have had that in mind. Or she may have paid for their lunch because of my DH's profession, which is helping others and/or keeping the peace.

At any rate, it's an intriquing situation. If you aren't familiar with the movement, you can read about it by clicking on this link: Pay It Foward

I went on my bike ride, stopped in the cemetery a little while and located what seems to be perhaps grandparents of one of the former owners of the land here. But I didn't find the owner's graves; perhaps they are still alive. I also located the family name of another owner on several tombstones, but didn't have time to explore further just then.

And NOW, I really, really am going to do some WRITING!

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