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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

New Template

I finally had to replace my old template for this blog, because the new navigator bar at the top (instead of ads) wouldn't allow the title to be displayed. NOT complaining though, since the site is free and easy to use. But it did take a bit of work on the code for I wanted to include all the quotes, archives, my links and links to other websites as well. Nothing fancy, just plain with an emphasis on the writing.

We're having typical August weather now, hot during the day, sometimes a shower that turns the outdoors into a steam bath. A bit cooler at night, which is a relief. I went on my bike ride a couple of mornings, when I got up early. Now that school is back in session, there are no kids out in the mornings, it's quieter on my ride. However, I have to wait till after the school bus has gone by. {I call the lady driver the bus-driver from Hell; she zooms up this dirt road, leaving a whoosh of dust trailing behind the bus. I guess I'd be driving like a bat out of Hell too, if I had a zillion kids screaming and yelling in there with me!}

The weekend was another busy time; DH and I are making slow progress, but he has a week's vacation starting Sept. 7th, so that will give us plenty of time to do other stuff. We also have to do some maintenance upkeep at the rental house in town -- pressure-wash the vinyl siding, clean out the gutters and put gutter-guard on those. But the remainder of our time should be spent here finishing up the last exterior work on this house.

Yesterday I had to make another dreaded trip to Wal-mart, but got an early start and was home before 12:30. I needed to buy a new DVD/VCR combination, since both our VCRs finally bit the dust and I like to record movies early in the evening to watch late at night when not reading. I like having this combo, makes it easier to watch DVD movies too.

I rented two EXCELLENT movies over the weekend: "In the Bedroom," with Sissy Spacek (and you KNOW she never makes a bad movie). That one was truly a movie that leaves you thinking long, long after it ends -- not easy to do in a movie.

The other movie was "The Life of David Gale". Kevin Spacey never makes a bad movie either. This one is especially suspenseful and meaningful. Never thought I'd see a movie that could make me realize that an innocent man CAN be convicted, sent to death row, and executed. It has a wicked twist at the end that will leave you breathless.

And with that, I'm outta here for today!

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