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Friday, August 13, 2004

Okay, here is a ghost story for you:

Courthouse 'Ghost' Identified As Insect

CHESTERTOWN, Md. (AP) - It turned out to be just a bug on the lens of a security camera. The would-be ghost haunting Kent County Court House is an anomaly that's happened before, a security company said.

On July 29, for a little more than an hour, a courthouse security camera showed a round, translucent, white object that seemed to "walk" up and down a set of stairs inside the newer wing of the courthouse. A security officer first saw the strange light on a delayed video and then live on the video system.

"I've seen it so many times, it's not funny," said Brooke Eyler, general manager of Atlantic Security, which installed the courthouse cameras. "It's definitely a bug."

But a self-proclaimed "ghost investigator" wants to have another look.

Beverly Lipsinger, president of the Maryland Ghost & Spirit Association, said the descriptions she's heard don't sound like a bug. But she hasn't seen the video yet for herself.

"It's a ghost," said Lipsinger, a Randallstown resident. "They don't want to believe, so they're coming up with something."

Ya know, it's always good to make a declaration before 'seeing' the evidence, isn't it? Do I believe in ghosts? Nah, but I DO think the subject matter makes for suspenseful supernatural fiction. I also know that digital cameras can distort photos in weird ways; I've posted a few peculiar pictures taken in the cemetery that look ominous, but which I'm fairly sure were only quirks in the digital camera. When the battery is low, it can truly produce strange images too.

And speaking of pictures, hopefully sometimes soon I'll have more of the latest work/improvements here. Just need to get a few more minor tasks finished, then I'll try to snap updated photos.

Shopping today in the nearby mall, and then I need to work on my writing project. GORGEOUS day out there, brilliant sun and only supposed to be 82. Wow, is it REALLY August in the South?

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