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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's been awhile since my last post, but I DO have new photos of all the finished work. Look for those following this post.

DH and I worked all day Saturday; and he also got hay again. We both spent several days moving his workshop stuff from the barn to the garage. He plans to make a saddle/tack shop there when time permits, and needed to move stuff out of the barn so he could store hay there. It was quite a chore, but we finally got that all done.

Saturday afternoon DH stored 120 bales of hay in the barn, has another 120 in the other side and still room for 75 more. That should get us through the winter for the horses.

I have been doing some writing, and that's the reason for my delay in posting. Still work outdoors too, painting, etc, but now that I'm absorbed in a writing project, this blog may suffer from lack of updates. BUT, I am glad to have the time for writing again; I'd forgotton how much I LOVE writing!

Cats are all well, life is fairly good just now.

Our weather has started getting hot again, and some humidity has come back. I am still riding the bike in late afternoon, only take one day off a week. This month is my THREE year anniversary -- I've been riding the bike three years now almost EVERY day! I sure hope it's helping me stay healthy, but of course, I also enjoy it too.

I finished another novel last night, "The Tree of Hands" by Ruth Rendell. It was okay, but not as good as some of her other novels. Now I have only one left to read that I ordered from, then it's back to the library.

That's about it for a post today. Need to get busy with my writing project.

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