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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Roadside Pix

Not much to write about today, except the same old, same old. Weekend warriors indeed, that's DH and I when we work on this place. Today is so hot and humid, you break into a sweat just being outside standing still. Not much worth making ourselves miserable over, so we're not doing lots outside.

I am planning on hanging new curtains I finally bought for the living room later, have to iron those first. I had put off buying drapes, and only had sheers with mini-blinds behind them. Now that we're not having to spend so much for exterior work, I found some drapes marked down to a reasonable price.

I've actually not done a lot of decorative stuff in the yard yet either, just waiting till the more expensive projects are finished. Like that roof/vinyl sofit for trim/gutters...which we hope to have done sometimes in late Fall. That will definitely require a professional though, and we've already asked for an estimate. I want to eventually have a long flower box beneath the picture window; an arched white arbor at the end of the rock sidewalk at the entryway (DH already has the rocks in place, which he got out of the nearby creek); and a small, pretty area where the tree swing is now. Maybe next Spring I can also have some flowers; there just wasn't time to plant any this year. Ah, lots more to do....possibly even a very small garden next year, so we can have fresh veggies -- our few tomato plants have made lots, and have been delicious.

I snapped a few more pictures on my bike ride yesterday afternoon, and will post them at the end of this entry. I ride this country road EVERY single day on my bike, and it hasn't lost its charm yet!

I'll end this with an apt quote:

"If you want inner peace find it in solitude...." --Stewart L. Udall

Stretch of road along my bike ride Posted by Hello

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