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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Sooo, as usual, it's been busy around here. The weekend was spent doing various chores, like getting most of the garage painted, shopping at the building supply store for more paint, wallboard, etc. I have some pictures to post, and those will follow this post.

Last night I stayed up late reading Ruth Rendell's novel, "The Lake of Darkness," and it was truly suspenseful right up to the LAST sentence. Now THAT is good plotting, which she does so expertly. Unfortunately, I shouldn't have read into the night, got little sleep and don't feel too great today.

We're in the midst of a frightful heat wave, and it's supposed to reach 96 today; no telling what the heat index is, what with thick humidity too. My outdoor cats have retreated to a nearby clump of bushes to find shade and escape the heat on the backporch. I went on my bike ride late yesterday afternoon, but don't know if it'll cool down enough to do so this afternoon.

I'm still researching/note-taking for my novel. I have a loose plot developed --found a great free program for that, "QuickPlot"-- but I'm not ready to start writing on the novel just yet. I am thinking of writing a short story first, which will incorporate some of the extensive research I've done.

I'm also thinking of starting to write my columns again at No one has taken over my topic, "Childfree By Choice," and they are anxious to have regular columns posted. Just haven't decided yet. If I do, it will be only a monthly column, which would not take up a lot of my time.

I was thinking today that it seems as time passes, I'm happier with this place than I'd orginally thought I would be. In fact, I think I like it here better than DH, though he will probably like it more when all the hard work of exterior/outside renovation is finished. As it is now, he has little time for the horses, hardly ever goes riding, and spends all his free time working -- either bush-hogging the pasture, mowing the huge yard, or busy with painting, redoing the outside buildings. Ah, but at least I never have to hear him say again, "There's nothing to do." :-)

Here's the photos I took this morning of the garage and fence:

House, fence, garage from driveway near road Posted by Hello

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