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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sooo, I've been busy, as usual. Over the weekend, DH and I painted the metal tops of the garage and old wash-house. Turned out very nice, and now we still have to paint the buildings. We did get the fence painted white, and the front of the garage, so that from the road, our old place is starting to look quite nice!
I finally have an outline/plot for my "adoption" related story. I've done so much research that the plot came quite easily! I still have to do a bit of research on a couple of issues that will play a big part in the storyline, and I've worked on that earlier today. I had no idea that John Douglas (the criminal profiler) had a website with a bulletin board where he actually participates. I posted a question about an aspect of a character I will develop, and the information will surely be helpful.
I finished reading "Into the Web" by Thomas Cook last night. You know, I hate to say it...but I think he's beginning to repeat himself in his novels. As an author, I know that can happen after you've written several novels with similar  storylines; it's one reason I stopped writing fiction for awhile. Now that I have a completely different subject matter, I am fairly sure I can write something different to my other novels. Yes, I will still be writing suspense/crime drama, but the adoption angle is not something I've never explored. It has such varied potential, and will make for interesting plot/characters.
I've been riding my bike each afternoon lately, since the weather has been wonderful. It's in the 80s during the day, low humidity, and 60s at night. Yesterday afternoon I stopped for a short while in the old section of the cemetery, and looked around. I found one tombstone with a birth date of 1798...the oldest one I've found yet. Wish I'd taken my digital camera!
Oh, I'm back on a diet. I'd gotten over 100 lbs, and seemed to stay there. I want to get down to 95, and then stop the diet. Mostly eating fresh veggies/fruits, which are plentiful and reasonably priced this time of the year in the south.
I'm about to prepare a tasty chef salad for our meal, with fresh tomatoes we grew ourselves. So I've got to end this for now. Entries may be sporadic once I get started on the rough draft for my novel.

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