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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Interesting day...

The AA meetings were interesting, and I keep meeting more and more members each time I attend. Tomorrow I get my 2 month sober chip. It helps keep me motivated, knowing all those other people share my drinking problems, and are concerned/caring for me. One member has been sober 41 years, and still attends daily meetings! Impressive.

I still haven't asked about a sponsor, but may next week. My therapist called and had to reschedule my Monday appointment to next Thursday. She said she'd been hearing good things about me via our group therapy sessions. Nice.

Today is mild, partly cloudy, and I got to take the dogs on an extra long walk. My grand-nieces' dog (Ozzie) came over early this morning, but he didn't get to go on the walk because the girls had taken the halter I keep here for him. I asked my grand-niece, when she came to get him, if they could bring it back and she said they would.

Now without further ado, here's the next journal entry:

September 30

Well... that didn't work. The moderate drinking, I mean.

Oscar, my dachshund, got sick (had a tiny piece of bone stuck in his gum, cost $200+ to get it out!), I went into a tail-spin and ended up drunk! Called family in & had to spend an entire week at my sister's house.

I also met with a counselor once -- but don't know if I'll continue with her or not. My insurance hasn't even settled my last ER visit, and with a high deductible, don't know for sure it will cover repeated visits. The counselor did say it would, that'd she'd called my insurance rep, and all I'd have to pay is $25 co-pay.

So far no drinking for the week I've been back at home. Maybe I can do the 30 day "no drinking" required by Managed Moderation--then return to an occasional drink?

Whatever, I've lost 3 pounds and that's the good news from this train-wreck.


(Obviously, I wasn't thinking clearly -- just finding an excuse to drink again when I'd already proved I couldn't do the MM. Sigh.)

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