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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

This afternoon I decided to drive out into the country and see how DH's horses were doing. I had not seen any of them, with the exception of one (Buttercup) when I interviewed the friend who bought her. She was as fat and sassy as ever, which made me happy.

As I drove the country highway I realized at some point that I was the ONLY car on the road. Usually, that highway has a good bit of traffic, even on Sunday. It was deserted, and oddly, it began to feel eerie...almost like a ghost highway! (Ah, my imagination!)

At any rate, the friend who owns several of our former horses has them pastured at a rented barn. I was happy to see all of them standing on a nearby hill, grazing and contented as ever. They looked GREAT standing there, healthy and well cared for, which is how I figured it would be. I stopped and stared for awhile, wishing I'd brought my camera (I will next time). It was poignant -- sad and happy at the same time. Knowing the horses are well, but a sharp reminder of DH and our very brief time at the farm before he died -- only two years.

During my entire trip, I only saw two other cars on the highway; I guess the gas prices have curbed (if not killed) Sunday afternoon drives as pastime.

In other news, I lost Bob cat. He did not have FIV/leukemia, rather after a series of tests, it was determined he had possibly intestinal cancer. Other than doing a biopsy there wasn't a sure way to tell, but I could not afford that; the tests alone reached $200.00. Besides, he was suffering -- I've had LOTS of cats and I've never, ever heard one yowl with such pain. He started that about an hour before I took him to the vet, and kept it up until they took him into the back for tests. He was dying, just a matter of how long and when; I don't believe in prolonged suffering when there is no resolution.

I stayed busy for a week or so doing yard work outside. Though I don't mow the lawn, I do trim shrubs, etc. and the ones in front of my house had become monstrously overgrown. It took me three afternoons to clip those down to normal size and carry the limbs to the curb for pick-up. Seemed like a rerun of what I'd just been through with the renter house in the back yard.

Renters are working out well so far (fingers crossed). They have planted shrubbery, done some landscaping, cleaned out the gutters and more. One morning the woman came over and brought me some fresh strawberries from her parents' farm, and said she'd bring me fresh veggies this summer off and on! That will be great!

Where I live now I have a large spot that was once a garden in my back yard. It's in grass now, but I'm thinking of offering them the spot next summer for a garden. They could plant and care for it, though I might lend a hand if I felt like it. And they'd get the bulk of the veggies, and I'd get all I could eat! I mentioned it to them, and they sounded like they'd be agreeable.

I'm typing this on my QuickPad because there is a storm approaching, and the lightning/thunder is very scary. The lightning sounds like it's popping off stuff already, but I think the worst of the rain/wind is north of here. I've lost electricity three times this year already due to storms, so I'm better prepared this time...have batteries in a small black & white portable TV/radio, flashlight, candles, and my cell phone.

Back to the cats, the remaining three are doing well. I'm still waging a battle against ear mites (that I don't know how they got due to being indoor only cats). I bought Revolution, treated them with that, and have used OTC ear mite treatments, as well as cleansing their ears. They are all improving, but still shake their heads more than seems normal. The vet saw one of them, and her only recommendation was the Revolution.

Ahhh, here comes the rain...sounds cozy, since the lightning has abated somewhat. We have been having temps already in the 90s, so it's blazing hot with drenching humidity. Any rain we get brings at least temporary relief; and we're all hoping there won't be a repeat of last year's drought.

I walk the dogs later each afternoon, then bike at twilight. Otherwise, the heat is just too unhealthy for such exercising.

My mother went into assisted living this weekend. I knew from the first that my sister and brother-in-law would not be able to endure that living situation they found a good facility where mother's needs will be taken care of. The only glitch is that the location is about 20 miles out in the country, which means the gas expense will prevent me from seeing her as often as if she were living here in town at a facility. I'll try to go at least once a week, but I'd have preferred checking on her more often. Her health is fair thus far, but she is now insulin dependent, due to diabetes, so her medical needs are growing by the month. I think she'll adjust, though at first she was NOT happy about it.

My sister had promised her she could live with them, "the rest of her life," and mother was upset and hurt about having to leave. But, though nothing has been said directly, I think it was taking a toll on my sister's marriage; they are in their mid-40s, both working, and not having any privacy in their modest-size house was not without tension.

I continue to read novels voraciously; watch good movies (usually rented), take care of my house, shop for bargains!, write sometimes, and in general...just live a serene, simple life.

Couldn't ask for much more, except to hope my health remains good.

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